Installing Android App

Installing Android App


The Google Play Store is installed on virtually every device running the Android operating system. This popular online store contains a vast number of mobile applications of various themes, ranging from games and entertainment to work and finance.

The main goal of boosting on Google Play is to increase the number of app downloads. This is a crucial factor that strongly influences its promotion in the recommended app list and ensures its popularity among users. The more installations the app has on smartphones and tablets, the more revenue its developers generate.

Companies order mass app installations for several reasons:

  1. Getting into the top apps.
  2. Popularizing a product.
  3. Informing the audience about new products (informational, functional, material).
  4. Promoting a name, brand, etc.
  5. Increasing profits (the app is used as one of the sales channels).

App promotion on Google Play can be tailored to achieve various goals for companies operating in different fields.


Every month, users download about 10 billion apps from Google Play, and the total number of available apps in this service approaches 4 million. It's evident that without using different marketing strategies and approaches, it will be difficult to attract the attention of potential customers when they browse through Google Play. On this platform, people have the opportunity to leave reviews and ratings for each app. Over 70% of all app downloads occur from this resource. Therefore, review manipulation for your app in Google Play becomes a key element that helps increase the number of downloads and revenue.

Many wonder: How to remove negative reviews from an app on Google Play? The most effective method is to boost positive reviews that will outweigh the negative ones and simply drown them in a large number. Eventually, they will get lost in the crowd and won't be noticed. Utilize all available methods and tools to achieve success on Google Play. The final outcome depends solely on your efforts. Positive reviews will draw attention to your app. This type of promotion can have the greatest impact on the number of downloads and reaching high positions in search results.

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