Spinnin Records

Spinnin Records

Spinnin Records is a Dutch record label specializing in electronic dance music. 

Here are some key points about Spinnin Records:

  • Spinnin Records is one of the leading electronic dance music labels globally, known for its high-quality releases and popular artists.
  • The label offers a wide range of dance music genres, including house, techno, and future bass, among others.
  • Spinnin Records has a strong presence in the EDM scene and has helped launch the careers of numerous talented artists.
  • They also run the "Spinnin Records Talent Pool," a platform that allows aspiring producers to showcase their music and potentially get signed to the label.
  • The official website of Spinnin Records provides updates on the latest releases, news, and events related to the label.

Spinnin' Records is an independent Dutch record label and media company specializing in the electronic dance music industry. Founded in 1999 by Eelko van Kooten and Roger de Graaf in the city of Haarlem, Spinnin' Records has become one of the most influential and successful labels in the world of electronic dance music. Over its more than twenty-year history, the company has collaborated with some of the most famous and talented DJs and producers in the industry and released numerous hits that topped the global charts.

Advantages of Spinnin' Records:

  • Talent scouting and development: Spinnin' Records provides a platform for young and talented musicians to showcase their works and gain recognition in the electronic music industry.
  • Music project promotion: The label actively works on promoting and distributing music projects, helping artists reach a wide audience and earn popularity.
  • High-quality content and hit releases: Spinnin' Records aims to deliver high-quality content and produce music that becomes hits and gains international recognition.
  • Collaborations and remixes: The label actively encourages collaborations and remixes among different artists, creating unique and exciting pieces of music.
  • Global presence: Spinnin' Records acts as an international platform that helps artists break into the global scene and achieve success in international markets. Spinnin' Records is an essential part of the global electronic music industry. It supports talented artists, promotes quality music, and contributes to the development of the global dance music culture.

Talent Pool at Spinnin' Records is an online platform created by the Spinnin' Records label, designed to discover new and promising talents in the electronic dance music industry. It is a powerful tool that allows young producers and DJs to upload their musical tracks to the site and present them to a wide audience for review.

We bring your track to the top 1-200 of Talent Pool. Only users of this platform vote. If it rises higher, we do not charge for that. How long it stays in the top depends on the competing tracks, but we strive to leave them behind. Usually, it's around a week, 3-7 days, or maybe longer.

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